Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4-7-15 Transformation Tuesday

4-7-15 #TransformationTuesday 

Post a picture of you before the quest and now, see the difference! Post it on Instagram with  #healthkwest #genghisgrillad

Today is my chance to see a picture side by side from when I my acceptance photo started originally started in November, to , then my initial weigh in.  Then my second weigh in and finally a photo from today... 

Submitted Photo

Initial Weigh in

After a workout

Weigh-In 2nd

Photo from Today 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3-31-15 - Triva Time - Edamame!

It's time for ‪#‎HealthKwest #GenghisGrillAd trivia!
Edamame, derived from immature, green soybeans; the pods are steamed and served salted as an appetizer. We will find this appetizer in Genghis Grill and several restaurants.  The consumer can enjoy edamame, as their appetizer.  This is a healthy choice of appetizers to munch on and socialize with friends as you wait for your Genghis bowl.  
What is one health benefit of eating Edamame?  One cup of edamame is 189 calories. Edamame is considered low in fat (1 g) and high protein; it has 17 g of protein. Since it is considered a complete protein and helps maintains muscle mass.  It has a cardiovascular health component, which assists in reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  Edamame is considered healthy for bone, because it contains manganese, vitamin K, potassium (676 mg), and magnesium (24%).  It can boost the immune system and assist preventing breast cancer.  It also has a good source of fiber, 8 grams.  Edamame is good for antioxidants, which helps the body remove toxins.  It has properties of helping with arthritis and slow progression of kidney disease.  It carbohydrate content is 15 g, Iron (19%), Vitamin C (15 %).
Photo from Genghis Grill - computer screen located on the table

Saturday, March 28, 2015

3-28-15 - Fitspiration - Writing an exercising blog - #GenghisGrillAd and #HealthKwest

Today we are asked to write a a blog about exercise for a busy person, We are required to write about a short and quick cardio workout that could be useful to someone that is always on the go.  This is a good example for me, because, I am the queen of a busy lifestyle, I work a full-time job and have a part-time, spend my spare time working as well.  So every minute I have I am doing work related things. Ha! Ha! I sound like I am making my own excuses. So even with a busy schedule you need to make time for yourself and take of your cardio workout.  This may take you an hour to walk 3 miles but you do feel better afterwards.  
Short-cardio workout: Needless to say if you do not have the time and are looking for a short cardio warm-up, I suggestion you complete a 15 minute cardio everyday and walk a few minutes on the hour; this will keep your metabolism going throughout the day. I suggestion you take a few minutes by completing warm-up stretches and than begin a walk at a steady pace for five minutes, turn around and walk back to your original spot for five minutes. After you complete your walk do another set up cool-down stretches for a few minutes.  You can increase this on a weekly bases until you and increased your endurance.  
It nice to have a pedometer it will help you track you daily steps, research shows that 5000 steps a day is good for you. The average person does about 2000- 3000 steps daily.  We think we move a lot (including me) but in actuality we do not. 
Disclaimer:  I recommend before you begin any exercise program you contact your physician for a physical to make sure you can begin a program. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

3-27-15 - Groovy - Putting it to music

Today Challenge with #GenghisGrillAd  and #HealthKwest is to make a playlist of my 10 favorite songs I have been using during my exercise with the Health Kwest.  I am sharing the name of  my 10 songs and artists on today's blog.  I use my fav-songs to walk; during my walk I made it a little longer than 10 songs because of how long it takes me to make the steps I want each day.  I find It hard to listen to music when weight training, at the gym they pipes in good music into the room. Although when I am there I hear some of my fav-songs.   When I swim I use it as a downtime to think and concentrate on my breathing and strokes. 
10 Favorite Songs to walk by.........
10 Favorite Songs:
  1. Uptown Funk  (Bruno Mars) - Artist: Mark Ronson
  2. Girl on Fire - Artist: Alicia Keys 
  3. All about the Bass - Artist: Meghan Trainer
  4.  Shake it Off - Artist: Taylor Swift 
  5. Brave - Artist: Sara Bareillies 
  6. Eye of the Tiger - Artist: Eye of the Tiger
  7. All of Me - Artist:- John Legend
  8. Stronger (what doesn't kill you): - Artist: Kelly Carlson 
  9. Whip it - Artist: Devo
  10. We are the Champion - Artist: Queen 
3-27-15  favorite music for motivation
Snip Shot of my list from ITunes

Thursday, March 26, 2015

3-26-15 – Today’s blog – March is the National Nutrition Month

#GenghisGrillAd and #HealthKwest 
Today blog involves National Nutrition Month!  I am suppose to write a short blog about some things I have learned about Nutrition during my Kwest challenge!  I developed a concept wheel related to my lessons accepted and learned to make changes with life style behaviors, see below...  
concept for behavioral change
My concept I follow as a I move through this contestant and the rest of my life. 
By being part of this "kontest", I have to learned what it takes to be successful with nutrition and lifestyle behaviors. First, I believe it takes is self-awarenessself-motivation, and the desire to change my lifestyle behaviors and it is encouraged with gaining the knowledge and/or provided the tools to make the transitions. Without these components, I think it would have been hard to begin the healthy-self. 
Second,  I know I began eating a wheat free diet in November but I also believe my being accepted as a Kontestant, it encouraged me my desire to start walking and I have learned to do more than just one type of exercise.  Third, I understand a lifestyle changes alone is hard but is necessary.  I have learned eating right is not the only part of being healthy so is the exercise to go with it. 
Also as a nurse, I too can discover new things during the National nutritional month.  I have learned nutritional information about Tofu, I was unaware of and how healthy it is for you and the benefits it provided.  I learned new stuff about the veggies I consume, I learned, I can not eat cooked onions because of they caramelize,although I love onions!  I learned the value of Napa Cabbage and how good it really is cooked or raw!  I have learned beef has a better flavor and grilling food is healthier than frying.  I want one of those grills and the sticks to go with it.  Also I have learned  green tea has a lot more healthy benefits than I ever realized. 
So being part of this #GenghisGrillAd and #HealthKwest Kontest has been good for me. I hope blogging what I have learned or what I am experiencing has helped them others, because I want you to know what I have learned too.   
This is one of my reasons for becoming. I want my daughter to have a better example to follow, where it comes to a health practice!
Here are two websites which can help learn more about national nutrition month:  http://www.choosemyplate.gov/NNM.html   and/or   http://www.nationalnutritionmonth.org/nnm/

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3-25-15 What are the health benefits of Tofu

It's time for ‪#‎HealthKwest‬ and #GenghisGrillAd Trivia! In addition to the many traditional proteins we have in our Fresh Market Bar we also carry tofu! What is one health benefit of tofu?
Tofu is known as bean curd, it is derived from soy milk, it is coagulated and  pressed into curds forming white blocks.  One half cup of tofu has 94 calories, 6g of fat, 2.3g carbohydrates, 04g fiber, 10g of protein, and 43% of calcium, 36% iron, and 9% magnesium.  
 What is one health benefit of tofu? It has an excellent source of proteins, iron, calcium, and other micro-nutrients, tofu is a versatile ingredient with many health benefits. Recent studies have shown tofu consumption is associated with lower risk of several age-specific and lifestyle-related diseases. Tofu (soy) have been linked to a decreased risk for osteoporosis, while calcium and magnesium in soy may help to lessen PMS symptoms, regulate blood sugar and may help to prevent migraines headaches.
This is the information located on the website for Genghis-Grill-Nutritional-Guide: Item Serving Tofu, Size 4oz, Cals 133.3(kcal), Fat  8(g), SatFat 1(g) Cholestrol 0(mg) Carb 5(g), Fiber 0(g), Sugar N/A(g), Protein 12(g), Sodium 13.3(mg).   

Sunday, March 22, 2015

3-22-15 GG Commercial

3-22-15  Challenge for Today

Build Your Own GG Commercial!! Create  a 30-45 sec. commercial about  Genghis Grill or Health Kwest. Use the  hashtags #healthkwest and  #GenghisGrill in your description so we can track it!