Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3-25-15 What are the health benefits of Tofu

It's time for ‪#‎HealthKwest‬ and #GenghisGrillAd Trivia! In addition to the many traditional proteins we have in our Fresh Market Bar we also carry tofu! What is one health benefit of tofu?
Tofu is known as bean curd, it is derived from soy milk, it is coagulated and  pressed into curds forming white blocks.  One half cup of tofu has 94 calories, 6g of fat, 2.3g carbohydrates, 04g fiber, 10g of protein, and 43% of calcium, 36% iron, and 9% magnesium.  
 What is one health benefit of tofu? It has an excellent source of proteins, iron, calcium, and other micro-nutrients, tofu is a versatile ingredient with many health benefits. Recent studies have shown tofu consumption is associated with lower risk of several age-specific and lifestyle-related diseases. Tofu (soy) have been linked to a decreased risk for osteoporosis, while calcium and magnesium in soy may help to lessen PMS symptoms, regulate blood sugar and may help to prevent migraines headaches.
This is the information located on the website for Genghis-Grill-Nutritional-Guide: Item Serving Tofu, Size 4oz, Cals 133.3(kcal), Fat  8(g), SatFat 1(g) Cholestrol 0(mg) Carb 5(g), Fiber 0(g), Sugar N/A(g), Protein 12(g), Sodium 13.3(mg).   

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