Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3-31-15 - Triva Time - Edamame!

It's time for ‪#‎HealthKwest #GenghisGrillAd trivia!
Edamame, derived from immature, green soybeans; the pods are steamed and served salted as an appetizer. We will find this appetizer in Genghis Grill and several restaurants.  The consumer can enjoy edamame, as their appetizer.  This is a healthy choice of appetizers to munch on and socialize with friends as you wait for your Genghis bowl.  
What is one health benefit of eating Edamame?  One cup of edamame is 189 calories. Edamame is considered low in fat (1 g) and high protein; it has 17 g of protein. Since it is considered a complete protein and helps maintains muscle mass.  It has a cardiovascular health component, which assists in reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  Edamame is considered healthy for bone, because it contains manganese, vitamin K, potassium (676 mg), and magnesium (24%).  It can boost the immune system and assist preventing breast cancer.  It also has a good source of fiber, 8 grams.  Edamame is good for antioxidants, which helps the body remove toxins.  It has properties of helping with arthritis and slow progression of kidney disease.  It carbohydrate content is 15 g, Iron (19%), Vitamin C (15 %).
Photo from Genghis Grill - computer screen located on the table

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