Saturday, March 28, 2015

3-28-15 - Fitspiration - Writing an exercising blog - #GenghisGrillAd and #HealthKwest

Today we are asked to write a a blog about exercise for a busy person, We are required to write about a short and quick cardio workout that could be useful to someone that is always on the go.  This is a good example for me, because, I am the queen of a busy lifestyle, I work a full-time job and have a part-time, spend my spare time working as well.  So every minute I have I am doing work related things. Ha! Ha! I sound like I am making my own excuses. So even with a busy schedule you need to make time for yourself and take of your cardio workout.  This may take you an hour to walk 3 miles but you do feel better afterwards.  
Short-cardio workout: Needless to say if you do not have the time and are looking for a short cardio warm-up, I suggestion you complete a 15 minute cardio everyday and walk a few minutes on the hour; this will keep your metabolism going throughout the day. I suggestion you take a few minutes by completing warm-up stretches and than begin a walk at a steady pace for five minutes, turn around and walk back to your original spot for five minutes. After you complete your walk do another set up cool-down stretches for a few minutes.  You can increase this on a weekly bases until you and increased your endurance.  
It nice to have a pedometer it will help you track you daily steps, research shows that 5000 steps a day is good for you. The average person does about 2000- 3000 steps daily.  We think we move a lot (including me) but in actuality we do not. 
Disclaimer:  I recommend before you begin any exercise program you contact your physician for a physical to make sure you can begin a program. 

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