Friday, March 27, 2015

3-27-15 - Groovy - Putting it to music

Today Challenge with #GenghisGrillAd  and #HealthKwest is to make a playlist of my 10 favorite songs I have been using during my exercise with the Health Kwest.  I am sharing the name of  my 10 songs and artists on today's blog.  I use my fav-songs to walk; during my walk I made it a little longer than 10 songs because of how long it takes me to make the steps I want each day.  I find It hard to listen to music when weight training, at the gym they pipes in good music into the room. Although when I am there I hear some of my fav-songs.   When I swim I use it as a downtime to think and concentrate on my breathing and strokes. 
10 Favorite Songs to walk by.........
10 Favorite Songs:
  1. Uptown Funk  (Bruno Mars) - Artist: Mark Ronson
  2. Girl on Fire - Artist: Alicia Keys 
  3. All about the Bass - Artist: Meghan Trainer
  4.  Shake it Off - Artist: Taylor Swift 
  5. Brave - Artist: Sara Bareillies 
  6. Eye of the Tiger - Artist: Eye of the Tiger
  7. All of Me - Artist:- John Legend
  8. Stronger (what doesn't kill you): - Artist: Kelly Carlson 
  9. Whip it - Artist: Devo
  10. We are the Champion - Artist: Queen 
3-27-15  favorite music for motivation
Snip Shot of my list from ITunes

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