Thursday, March 26, 2015

3-26-15 – Today’s blog – March is the National Nutrition Month

#GenghisGrillAd and #HealthKwest 
Today blog involves National Nutrition Month!  I am suppose to write a short blog about some things I have learned about Nutrition during my Kwest challenge!  I developed a concept wheel related to my lessons accepted and learned to make changes with life style behaviors, see below...  
concept for behavioral change
My concept I follow as a I move through this contestant and the rest of my life. 
By being part of this "kontest", I have to learned what it takes to be successful with nutrition and lifestyle behaviors. First, I believe it takes is self-awarenessself-motivation, and the desire to change my lifestyle behaviors and it is encouraged with gaining the knowledge and/or provided the tools to make the transitions. Without these components, I think it would have been hard to begin the healthy-self. 
Second,  I know I began eating a wheat free diet in November but I also believe my being accepted as a Kontestant, it encouraged me my desire to start walking and I have learned to do more than just one type of exercise.  Third, I understand a lifestyle changes alone is hard but is necessary.  I have learned eating right is not the only part of being healthy so is the exercise to go with it. 
Also as a nurse, I too can discover new things during the National nutritional month.  I have learned nutritional information about Tofu, I was unaware of and how healthy it is for you and the benefits it provided.  I learned new stuff about the veggies I consume, I learned, I can not eat cooked onions because of they caramelize,although I love onions!  I learned the value of Napa Cabbage and how good it really is cooked or raw!  I have learned beef has a better flavor and grilling food is healthier than frying.  I want one of those grills and the sticks to go with it.  Also I have learned  green tea has a lot more healthy benefits than I ever realized. 
So being part of this #GenghisGrillAd and #HealthKwest Kontest has been good for me. I hope blogging what I have learned or what I am experiencing has helped them others, because I want you to know what I have learned too.   
This is one of my reasons for becoming. I want my daughter to have a better example to follow, where it comes to a health practice!
Here are two websites which can help learn more about national nutrition month:   and/or

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